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Best no deposit casino bonuses 2019

Best no deposit casino bonuses 2019

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💵 $3295 No Deposit Bonus Casino
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💵 120 Free spins casino
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💵 295 Free spins casino
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💵 £50 Free Casino Ticket
💵 £350 No Deposit Casino Bonus
💵 $3780 NO DEPOSIT
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💵 EUR 3290 no deposit bonus casino
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💵 €820 Casino tournaments freeroll
💵 €2435 no deposit bonus casino
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💵 700% Casino match bonus
💵 $805 no deposit bonus code
💵 295 free spins no deposit
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💵 120% Best signup bonus casino
💵 Eur 630 no deposit casino bonus
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💵 $610 Mobile freeroll slot tournament

There are different approaches to wager roulette other than a solitary number.

There are different approaches to wager roulette other than a solitary number.

There are different approaches to wager roulette other than a solitary number. In the event that you put your chip in a way it covers 2 numbers this pays 17-1 on a win. For 3 way part it pays 11-1, for 4 way part 8-1, for 6 way parts 5-1. There are additionally outside wagers of a whole column, or playing low (1-12), medium (13-24) or high (25-36) that compensation 2-1. Of you can wager on low (1-18), high (19-36), chances, even, red or dark at even cash.

The club have set the payouts in such a way they hope to benefit 2.7% on all wagers put as time goes on. Roulette is anyway a diversion you can get a fortunate run and gain enormous. agen judi poker indonesia

High Rollers Online Casino Sites. High Rollers Play.

High Rollers Online Casino Sites. High Rollers Play.

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USD 40 free no deposit bonus at BGO Gambling Casino
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75 no deposit bonus at Casino

Casino Payouts FAQ

Casino Payouts FAQ

What is the percentage of casino payments?

– The percentage of casino payments is the ratio of the sum of all bets made to the amount of winnings received in this casino multiplied by 100 percent. As a rule, this percentage is considered for a certain time interval, most often for a calendar month.
Keep in mind that this ratio is exactly the amount of bets to the amount of winnings, and not the amount of deposits made and withdrawals of winnings. The difference is that in games a player can put not only his deposits, but also received bonuses, while the withdrawn money can also be received bonuses. And in this situation, a player who made a deposit of $ 100, but received an equivalent bonus, can withdraw 200, and 180 and 150 dollars. However, this will not mean that this casino pays up to 200% of the winnings! (Although, you see, it would be very nice :)))))

What is the percentage of casino withdrawals?

– It’s the same as for a ground-based casino. The peculiarity consists only in the fact that online casinos in overwhelming majority always add to the deposit made by the player, a free bonus. Which is credited to the player’s real account, and he can bet on the amount of this bonus in the games. Moreover, the amounts won in these games are considered real money, and can be withdrawn by the player. (after fulfilling all conditions and restrictions on bonuses)

What percentage of winnings are paid online casino?

– As a rule, the percentage of payments to online casinos is in the range from 92 to 98 percent. Sometimes online casino can pay up to 100, and more percent. Usually it happens in situations when one of the players breaks the progressive jackpot in the game. Since the amount of the jackpot is collected not in one separate casino, but in online casinos operating on the platform of one manufacturer, then, accordingly, this amount can be more than the amount of those bets that players made in one casino.

Source: Casino Payouts FAQ

Research: over 10 years of “gambler” in the US no longer

Research: over 10 years of “gambler” in the US no longer

“A study conducted by the University of Buffalo shows that over the past 10 years the problem of dependence on gambling in the US has not worsened.”

The results of a US study show that there is no reason to state that the problem of dependence on gambling has become larger in the past 10 years. Such data were published in response to statements by opponents of online gambling, accusing the gambling industry of increasing the number of “gamers”.

There are no significant changes

A scientific study entitled “The Problem of Gambling: A Decade of Change” was conducted by Dr. John Welte and his colleagues from the Institute for the Study of Addictions (University of Buffalo). His main conclusion is that there have been no significant changes in the situation with dependence on gambling over the past 10 years. “We compared the results of two nationwide telephone surveys conducted with a difference of 10 years.Despite the fact that people have much more opportunities to gamble, there has been no increase in the rate of growth in the number of dependent players, “Dr. Velte said.

Gamblers have become less

In the course of a nationwide telephone survey, respondents were asked questions about various types of gambling.The results show that over the past decade, the number of Americans who are addicted to gambling has declined. Ten years earlier, the number of those who somehow played gambling was 82.2, and as of 2011-2013 this figure was reduced to 76.9. Also decreased the rate of those respondents who at least once played games in the past years: from 59.50 to 53.7.

Source: Research: over 10 years of “gambler” in the US no longer

What is fantasy football and what are its chances in Europe

What is fantasy football and what are its chances in Europe

“Like their American counterparts, European players are imbued with a passion for fantasy football, and such major bookmakers as 888’s completely share a new passion for their customers.”

Sports betting is a huge market, which, given the incredible variety of various leagues, provides professional players with unique opportunities. All the more incredible that with so many matches between real teams there are people who are ready to put real money on fictional clubs and players. The phenomenon of fantasy football goes against what this name means, because, according to knowledgeable people, this requires the same training and awareness, as well as when betting on real games.

Fantasy football conquers the Old World

Americans are fond of betting on fantasy football for more than 30 years. During this time, simple fun has turned into a serious multi-million dollar business. In the beginning, fantasy-stakes were made on baseball, but very soon they began to cover other sports, the leader among which is very long is football, as the most profitable segment of the fantasy market.Participants select several players to create a starting lineup, and during the regular season actively sell and buy new athletes, strengthening their team.

There is an inextricable link between the prices of virtual players and what happens in real football. In other words, fantasy football is directly influenced by matches in the current league. The choice of the player is a complex process, in which it is necessary to take into account many aspects, so as not to go beyond the budget. On the other side of the Atlantic, fantasy football looks different, but the basic concept is the same. Considering the variety of domestic and continental football competitions, European fantasy football is a very difficult thing.

Source: What is fantasy football and what are its chances in Europe

Maine Online Casinos

Maine Online Casinos

List of casinos in Maine. Detailed information on Maine Casinos and Online Casinos. This includes Casino Resorts, indian casinos in Maine. Find casinos in Maine address, map, toll-free numbers, room/suite rates, buffet prices, casino games offered and special features of all Maine casinos. This page onlylist online casinos authorized in the state of Maine. Source: Maine

Older casino players take over the internet

Older casino players take over the internet

Younger casino players have a lot to learn from the old farms who have now mastered the internet.

In addition to being better at detecting bluff and managing money, older players also seem to be better at assessing risks.

An American university survey has also shown that strategic casino games dampen anxiety and urgency, as well as train the brain to prevent typical retardant diseases.

If you are young today, your computer skills are likely to be entirely self-evident. As you became old enough to play online casino, you already had all the prerequisites for intuitively knowing how to bet your money and start the various games.

This is not the case for most older people. To them, computer machines came as a big surprise, and it has taken many years to discover the benefits of the electronic monsters.

As the computers have become better and more user-friendly, opportunities have grown for more and more older people. Not least for those who no longer want or have the opportunity to get that much out. Now they can enjoy a good game something online and even talk to chatmates in the chat.


ældre casinospillere In a joint study by the University of Pennsylvania and Penn State University, it appears that older people often play online casino for pleasure.

Out of 1000 test subjects, 70% had the game online in the past year and they had experienced negative feelings such as anxiety and turmoil slowly disappearing as they took online games as an exciting opportunity to learn new.

Strategy games like blackjack and baccarat function the upper course as training for the brain. According to Professor Stephan Robinson, newly created knowledge leads to the production of mental stimuli that has proven useful in the prevention of diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.


In Las Vegas movies, we often see the stereotypical older lady who sits the day long in front of a one-armed thief, but it is probably her who has the long end. Often, you get a healthier view of the risks, the older you are, and retirees have worked hard for their money all the lives, so they probably will not be able to throw them in grams on a casino visit. If the player himself has the opportunity to adjust his bet, older players tend to bet less than their younger colleagues.

Looking at his game as a recreational activity or brain gymnastics rather than a ticket to unprecedented wealth and luxury, it naturally follows that you save money to maximize gaming pleasure.

When young men learn to drive a car, many driving instructors have the ability to drive like grandmother, and that advice might also be very useful for casino games.

It’s a matter of thinking a little before shopping. Ice in the stomach and play with the brain in front of the adrenaline is something that all players should practice.

Good enough, we often hear about young poker tastes who have won a lot of money, but the big jackpots usually go to the older audience.

When we reach a certain age, we tend to get up earlier in the morning, and retirees have ample opportunities to even organize their day.

In some games it is advantageous to play when there are fewer opponents, and that is, for example, when non-retirees are at work from 8-16. Logging in in the morning or in the middle of the day, you can reap huge benefits in several casino games.

Many online casinos also offer special bonuses to players who spend money on the day’s more dull casino times.


ældre casinospillereIf you’re new to a casino or ready to try a new game, it’s up to both old and young to come up with tips and tricks to put a good strategy.

A game that fits both beginners and hobby professionals is blackjack. Here you can put both nice tactics and listen to your stomach sensation.

Playing for the statistics, you have the greatest chance of winning in the long run, but gaming after the stomach sensation clearly gives the biggest boost.

The goal is simple; Create a hand with a value as close to 21 as possible without going over. The most basic tactic is to take more cards until you have 17 or more. If you continue to take cards then the risk of “busting” (getting over 21 and losing automatically) is too big.

Many online casinos now offer live blackjack , where you can play with other players and a real dealer who performs on webcam.

Real people on the screen give the game an extra dimension and automatically make the casino search a social experience.

In bingo is the charm of the total decoupling. The game is exclusively successful, and on most online casinos, the numbered numbers mark themselves on the plates.

Another significant advantage in bingo is the great focus on the social part that is still only in its turn in other casino games.

In virtually all bingo rooms there is a chat window where you can wish the other players happiness and talk about loosely and firmly. Many incarnate online bingo players have found real friends among the comrades in the chat.

Play online casino on your Xbox

Play online casino on your Xbox

A good game Mortal Combat is not to cheat on, but you can actually use your Xbox to play poker or slots.

A few years ago, the Xbox 360 reviewed a comprehensive update, and one of the most important changes was the integration of Internet Explorer.

For the first time, it was possible to visit websites directly on the device, and the use of the little box was suddenly multiplied.

It did not take game gamblers long to figure out that the update also gave direct access to online casinos , and with both Xbox 360 and One it is possible to spin the roulette wheel directly on your TV screen.

Microsoft has unequivocally stated that they do not want to block any content, so there is no need to worry about any guidelines or terms when the slot wheels spin.

Having said that, neither poker nor other casino games are anything for children, so active parental control based on user profiles is probably not a stupid idea.


xbox controllerXbox One is described as an all-encompassing media center. The efficient hard drive can run games with state-of-the-art graphics and complex gaming worlds. The offer of movies for movies, sports and TV in HD is huge and the wireless controller has got over 40 updates since Xbox 360, including improved ergonomic design and faster response time.

Therefore, the controller also works for navigation on the Internet – especially if you are used to both. By default, the left-hand control bar on the Xbox One controller acts as mouse pointer, and the right-hand pointer scrolls. You click the A button and return a page with the B button.

If you use Kinect, it’s almost like being in a science fiction movie. If you see “Xbox, Select,” you will see a list of voice commands to surf the web, and you scroll and zoom by moving your hands and arms.

If you’re a little more conservative, you can of course always just plug a keyboard into the Xbox via a USB port.


androidAll people have different tastes, and of course this also applies to online casino.

Some thrive best with traditional games on the stationary, while others prefer to take the game on smartphones or laptops. Yet there are not many who have seen the light in online casinos on the Xbox, but do not think it will change as awareness of the opportunity increases?

It’s no secret that some players get a more authentic casino experience with a touch screen over a computer mouse and now they are able to play with direct hand controls, so the likelihood they’ll feel even more involved in the game quite large. On the other hand, there may also be some players who do not like the experience and prefer what they are used to.

It is a test and you have an Xbox stand, so nothing happens by giving it a shot.


Technically, nothing prevents you from playing blackjack and watching the latest season Game of Thrones on the same screen.

Eventually, many Smart TVs have evolved into pure multicentre, enabling both Netflix to listen, listen to music and watch the TV newspaper at the same time. Many also offer that you can also surf the internet and thus play online casino.

However, keep in mind that a remote control rarely is the most reliable tool for navigation between the online casinos’ many choices, but with some practice and care it should be possible.


casino xboxIf you do not have either Xbox or Smart TV, you can of course always just shut your computer to your TV if you want to play roulette on the television screen.

If you have a newer computer, it’s actually pretty simple as long as you have the correct wires that fit at both ends.

When there is a connection between TV and computer, simply enter the computer control panel and find the option “Monitor” under “Hardware.”

Here you have the option of projecting the content of the computer onto another screen (your TV screen) so you can see the same image on both devices.

Note that the picture on your TV may look a bit strange if there is a difference between resolution, format or other between the two devices, but with a bit of technical finesse it would probably be possible to get the picture on your TV to stand razor sharp.

The advantage of putting the online casinos on your TV screen in this way is, of course, that you can now use your traditional mouse and your good old keyboard to control the time of the battle and you therefore do not risk losing the roll (and the head) because The remote control or the Xbox controller does not behave as intended.

Win more without sound

Win more without sound

Music and sound effects on slot machines make you lose more than you think.

Gambling Research Lab from the University of Waterloo in Canada with Dr. Kevin Harrigan and Dr. Michael Dixon in the lead is behind an exciting study that isolates the effect of music and sound on slot machines .

The initial studies showed that players responded emotionally as well as physically to the music.

As an expression of excitement, the researchers measured the extent to which players got sweaty hands and the players who played with music became both more excited and expressed that they had more fun than the players who played without sound.

Immediately not the big surprise, but it was in turn the results of the follow-up study.


lydlose slotsThe further studies revealed that the enthusiastic sound effects of the game machines fool the brain to believe that you won, even if you’ve really lost.

We humans connect happy music and fun sound effects with profits and progress, and when these sounds flow out of a slot machine, they simply impact our experience of loss and gain.

Most slots work pretty much like this: if you pay for example. 10 kr. For a spin on a slot machine and win $ 50, there’s a happy trut time and maybe the sound of knocking coins. You feel well satisfied and happy for the outcome.

If you hit next to it and win nothing, there is no particular sound.

So far so good, but the researchers noted that the machines often play happy pussy sounds and the sound of sounding coins, even if you only win a part of your bet back. Eg. If you win 5 kr. For your bet of 10 kr.

It calls the researchers a “loss disguised as a win”, and their studies show that players get a false sense of winning even though their gaming budget has really become smaller.


96 test subjects were divided into two teams and set to play on a simulated slot machine. With and without sound.

The slot machine was programmed to give a win exactly 28 times out of 200 spins. Subsequently, the researchers asked players how many times they thought to have won.

Both groups overestimated the number of times they had won, but the players who played with sound shot significantly higher than the group without sound.

Slot games generally run too fast to players continuously calculate winnings minus bets in the head. Special players who play slots with a large number of paylines and combinations seem to have confidence in the game’s positive sound effects and negative silence when they make up whether they have won or lost.

All other things, there are just too many flashing effects and graphical elements on the screen at the same time to keep track of the surplus / deficit continuously, so the game’s sound effects are indicative of how it goes.


lydlose slotsThe researchers succeeded in obtaining documents describing the technical design of actual slot machines, and they therefore began to analyze the math and the programming behind the games.

It quickly became clear that they were calibrated to promote irrational behavior and give the player a sense of control.

Everybody knows about the so-called “near misses” where you almost win – for example. When you have two identical symbols, the third and crucial symbol hits just above or below the place where it should have been.

Then you play just a few rounds when the jackpot was so close …

The mindset is called “Gambler’s Fallacy” – “Player’s failure” – and is defined in short by the player being convinced that previous outcomes affect future results. Ie “I’m in a good mood”, “I’m hot”, “I’m lucky in it” and the like.

Harrigan and Dixon found that “near misses” far from always random.

Slot machines were programmed to provide extra many “near misses” and thus to breathe to the player’s delusions of an imminent win.


Harrigan and Dixon also believe that their studies give evidence to conclude that players are harder to set limits for their slot game. All other games.

In addition to distorting the image of how much you’ve won, the powerful sound effects and game speed mean that you’ll forget about time and place when you’re in front of the slots.


lydlose 4After all, it’s hardly surprising that slots are programmed to give the house profits, but you definitely do not refrain from playing them anyway.

Slots are still great entertainment, and they undoubtedly offer the finest graphics as well as the best sound on any online casino.

You should only take a few precautions so that you do not fall into the programmers many traps.

Set a fixed time frame for your game and set an alarm so that you do not exceed the time. Choose as far as possible an external alarm like an egg yolk or cell phone, so you do not sit and peel to the computer clock all the time.

Always pay close attention to your gaming budget, and knowing that it’s unrealistic to do it in your head, make sure you only add that amount to your casino account you intend to play for that day.

The least thing you should do, however, is to post a fixed break in your game, for example. Every quarter or every half hour, minimizing the slot machine window and giving you time to look at your overall gaming account at that casino . This allows you to check that it is at the level you imagine.

Keep in mind that the game machine does everything to trick your brain into playing and you should therefore take all precautions to maintain your self-determination.

To create an online casino

To create an online casino

Since online casinos became possible, slots have become the creators’ leading spot to measure their creativity and abilities. Eye of the Kraken from Play’n GO is an example of what the world’s leading game developers have to offer in 2015. A game of different special features and amazing sound effects sharply contrasts with the relatively modest slot machines on land casino.

Real casinos like Bellagio in Las Vegas and Casino Cosmopol in Sweden give one, a feeling and experience that is hard to imitate. Casino enthusiasts from all over the world flow to play palaces to spend their few vacation days at the game tables. The thrill of pulling the handles on slot machines has long been one of the favorite games, so slot machines were given a clear space online. After the move to online casino slots have evolved drastically and increased exponentially in number. With modern video slots in the driver’s seat, online casinos have a strong lead over its land-based counterparts, leaving the old slot machines in a cloud of dust behind them


No other casino game on the net has an equal variety of slot machines. Every week new games are being launched by several developers with millions of dollars in sales and huge development budgets. Of course, several of these game producers also deliver games to land based casinos that are still filled with guests. Today’s ruler in the realm of the games is any online casinos. When writing about gambling history, the beginning of the 2000s will undoubtedly be described as the Golden Age of the Golden Age

The online casino has never been as popular as it is today, for natural reasons. The concept was made possible for almost two decades ago when the internet became more common in the homes. Today, millions of people play slots online every day, and thousands are rewarded with big winnings. All variations in themes, bets, payline design, special effects and much more create a huge library of opportunities that the regular player never ever gets tired of.


gonzos questThe fact that online casino is so popular is obviously that most of it is convenient. For the vast majority, the distance to the computer is shorter than to Ceasar’s Palace. Playing from the home’s sofa fits those who are looking for a little excitement when the children have gone to bed or when they commute to work. Game palaces still attract, but many want to dedicate their free time to family and friends instead of playing. Online casino visits are too small moments when the day is boring.

The superior graphics with 3D-like effects and bold bonuses surround trumps of country casinos slots everywhere. The dusty old fruits and sevens do not have a chance at online favorites like Gonzo’s Quest (which you can play at Dansk777 ) and the Marvel series. Combined with advanced technology and security comparable to leading banks, slots in online casinos have come to stay.

An additional advantage of online is the ability to play with fictional money, something that does not occur at all at land based casinos. The chance to become familiar with slot machines and other games without risk is worth gold for both beginners and advanced players who try out something new.


Many instinctively believe that they have more chances of winning higher amounts when they visit a country casino. Perhaps it is the flashy atmosphere that is the sinner. Neither jackpots are bigger nor the chance to win better. The huge jackpots online are often much bigger than on land casinos as they are progressive. That means they grow every time someone makes a bet on the games. The winnings are also much more online because more players play online slots .


eyeofthekrakenPlay’n Go has released a new video slot that shows everything that makes slot machines on the internet so wonderful. In the Eye of the Kraken you will find lots of special features, cool design and impressive winnings if your luck is on your side. Instead of the usual five-wheel game, manufacturers have chosen a more unique approach. The castle consists of nine squares in one square, each square acts as an individual wheel. An innovative idea, however, means that the game has only eight possible winning lines. The settings are simple, just select your total bet and start the game. Eye of the Kraken allows you to win up to 500 times your bet. It’s a simple game that fits when you want to relax for a moment in front of the computer.

A clear pattern in recent years is that online casinos and play creators want to go away from the screaming and intrusive and instead choose an interesting or even harmonious sound. Eye of the Kraken may have the best sound effects so far this year. With exciting music at a comfortable level in the background, and focus on breathing from a dive mask. Probably it is meant that the player must experience himself as a diver in the process of exploring the ocean.

Kraken is a mythological creature, which has often been described as a giant squid from the seabed. It’s a really scary monster that has been fearing seamen for centuries. In this slot, the monster has a more positive effect than sudden death. The octopus’s fangarm stretches around the castles and the symbols they touch the wilds. As a result, Kraken increases your chances and increases the amount of money in the pot.

The exciting gaming experience is really a measure of today’s game creation technology. The graphics of the Eye of the Kraken were not even available to Hollywood’s giants a few years ago, now you can share it on both PC and mobile at casinos. This is a castle worth trying, if nothing else to see what one of the leading online casinos has to offer right now.